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Whether you are starting, growing or scaling your business, we want to equip you with the resources you need to make your business a success. Here you’ll find tips from experts on developing yourself as a business leader, expanding your network, building a board and much more!

Resources for business

While 'investment' is usually taken to mean finance, investing in your own skills, resilience and wellbeing is equally important. These articles and the section below on incubators and accelerators provide an overview of the many resources for business on offer, from formal courses such as Help to Grow, to supportive coaching and mentoring from one of the UK's many accelerator programmes.

Developing yourself with Help to Grow

Help to Grow: Management is an intensive leadership and management training programme that helps entrepreneurs to develop their leadership, strategy and management skills, equipping them to seize investment opportunities and grow their business.

Getting the best from your coach, advisor or mentor

Investing your time, energy and resources in the right support has the potential to really make a difference, providing significant short-cuts to getting where you want to go. Julia Elliott Brown shares more about getting the best from your coach, advisor or mentor.

Build your business

Whatever your business idea, there are some well-established factors that will make the business itself more resilient and likely to succeed. These include a well-designed financial plan, external expertise on your board, investor-friendly legal structure and good market intelligence. Many successful founders have benefited from taking part in an incubator or accelerator programme. These typically last 3-4 months and offer connections with legal, finance and marketing experts. Some incubators offer built-in equity finance for participants, for a pre-agreed stake in the business.

Grow your network

Running your own business can be lonely, both personally (there isn't ready access to your peer group, as there would be in a large organisation) and professionally. A helpful resource to meet this need can be business networks, with some offering comprehensive e-learning and coaching opportunities on all aspects of business development. Others such as the UK-wide Women in Business Network focus on more informal, local groups with guest speakers and events. Finding the right network is very much about your own needs and the stage you have reached in your business journey.

Finding the right finance for your business

Finding the right finance is just one aspect of business success. Our database of finance providers is unique because of its focus on services offered to women-led businesses and the commitment that providers have made to support women, through the Investing in Women Code. We have also teamed up with the British Business Bank's Finance Hub to ensure that you can find illustrations and examples of the different types of finance offered and when they are most suitable.

Guide to finance providers

The database of finance providers is at the heart of the Invest in Women Hub. This short introduction will help you get the most from it.

Finance jargon explainer

Business finance can be confusing, so here is a handy jargon buster to demystify those technical terms, from Advance Assurance to Zero-based budgeting! Please let us know if you find one we've missed, using the contact form.

The Investing in Women Code

The Investing in Women Code is a commitment to support women-led businesses in the UK. All signatories commit to improving their offer to women entrepreneurs and to collecting data on their performance.

Connect with mentors tailored to your business needs

Mentoring can be invaluable when it comes to starting, growing, and scaling your business. Our Find a Mentor platform is designed to help you with your entrepreneurial journey by connecting you with mentors and unlimited 1:1 conversations tailored to your needs, completely free of charge. Whether you are facing a challenge in your business, need advice on a certain topic, or simply just need to talk to someone who has done it before, mentoring can be a huge advantage. From finance, to marketing, sustainability, and strategy you can find the mentor you need.

Inspiring stories from women business leaders

These case studies cover every stage of business growth and every sector imaginable, from food and drink to fintech to consumer services. Whatever challenge you are facing, there is a strong chance that other women in business have been there before and found a way through. Where possible we have linked each case study to the network or finance provider involved, so that you can connect with them and find out more. Each case study is linked to a business growth stage, so that you can quickly find those most relevant to you.


The Invest in Women Hub focuses on helping you access the finance you need. You may also want to access a range of other resources for business so here we’ve collected some trusted sources covering business support, enabling entrepreneurship and data on women-led businesses in the UK. These should be helpful resources for business on topics not covered by the Hub.

Making the most of your Intellectual Property

Every business will create some kind of intellectual property (IP) as part of what it does and the customers it serves. Whatever new thing you create in your business that gives you an advantage over a competitor, could be seen as potential intellectual property.

Enabling Entrepreneurship

Female entrepreneurs represent huge economic potential for the UK. £250 billion could be added to the UK economy if women matched men in starting and scaling businesses. To unlock this potential, it’s important to support and champion current entrepreneurs as well as inspire future ones.