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Resources for scale-ups

As your business scales, your role as founder is likely to change. You might bring on a non-executive director or board Chair, or explore options to finance your growth. You might even look into exporting or acquiring another business.

To help you navigate this, here are some tools to help you as you scale your business.

Scaling your business

Everything you need to know about scaling your business, from finding the right mentor to building out your team to mergers and acquisitions.

Fundamentals: Investor decks

From why is the deck important? What financials should I include? To best practice and common mistakes. Will Gibbs from Octopus Ventures shares more on the key fundamentals when it comes an investor deck.

Financing your scale-up business

Navigate the market of scale-up finance with our straightforward guides.

Understanding Venture Capital

Venture Capital (often shortened to VC) is a type of private capital seeking high returns from investing in fast-growing businesses with a large potential market - think software or biotechnology. VC investors are hands-on, supporting the founders in whom they invest with expertise as well as capital.

Understanding Private Equity

A Private Equity (PE) firm usually invests in more mature businesses, which means a larger cheque size and an investment term of more than five years. They are well-versed in the nuances of business and will want to understand yours well before they commit.

Understanding private credit

Private credit (sometimes known as private debt or direct lending) is a type of debt finance through which companies borrow money from institutional investors, rather than from banks. This route can give founders the capital they need to grow quickly, while still keeping control of - and greater economic interest in - their company.

Understanding Growth Capital

Growth capital is funding provided to a business, typically a mid-sized enterprise with at least 50 employees, to allow it to grow. Unlike debt, which typically incurs ongoing interest payments and other obligations, growth capital is usually provided in exchange for equity in the business.


Stories from pioneering women who have scaled their businesses to new heights.