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Who we are

We're the Council for Investing in Female Entrepreneurs, a voluntary collective established to encourage and support women in business.

In 2019 the Alison Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship set out the potential to unlock £250 billion of GDP that could be added to the UK economy, if women started and scaled businesses at the same rate as men.

We created the Council for Investing in Female Entrepreneurs as a self-financing, independent group, helping to realise the vision and goals of the Rose Review. Our Chair, Alex Daly, is a member of the Rose Review Board.

The Rose Review found that lack of funding was one of the most significant barriers women faced when looking to start and grow a business. The Council decided to create the Invest in Women Hub to meet the need for a reliable source of information for women that would be expert, comprehensive and accessible. Our focus is on securing finance, which our research showed was the main information gap experienced by women entrepreneurs.

Council members

These organisations are the members of the Council for Investing in Female Entrepreneurs. You can click on their logos to find out more.

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