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Start, grow, and scale your business with our free of charge mentoring programme.

Having mentors can be invaluable when it comes to starting, growing, and scaling your business. Whether you are facing a challenge in your business, need advice on a certain topic, or simply just need to talk to someone who has done it before, having mentors can be of huge advantage. That is why the Invest in Women Hub brings to you our free of charge Find a Mentor platform designed to help you with your entrepreneurial journey by connecting you with mentors and unlimited 1:1 conversations tailored to your needs.

Find my Mentor!

The process is simple, tell us the topics that you would like to cover, and the platform will connect you with a host of volunteer mentors who could help you along your journey. From finance, to marketing, sustainability, and strategy you can find the mentor you need.

You will also have access to several exclusive events and free on-demand resources.

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Want to become a mentor?

Interested in sharing your expertise and experience with others, volunteer to become a mentor and share your knowledge. This programme is designed to be flexible around you, so there is no minimum commitment required you can simply request mentoring sessions that work for schedule.

When you join as a mentor, you will automatically receive training to help you get started and brush up on your skills. You will be taken through the whole process and given the tools to be an excellent mentor to others.

Volunteer to become a mentor

Frequently asked questions

Is the service free?

Yes, this service is free and unlimited! You can have as many 1:1 session and attend as many group sessions as you like.

What mentoring topics does this service cover?

This platform provides personalised support with everything that you need to know to start, grow and scale your business from finance, strategy, data, marketing to personal development and much more!

Where do the mentoring sessions take place?

Mentoring sessions are all virtual and are up to one hour long. Simply suggest dates and times that work for you when you send your mentoring request.

Why is the Invest in Women Hub providing this service?

Here at the Invest in Hub we know that having a mentor when starting, growing, and scaling a business is hugely beneficial! Being able to have 1:1 support from experts and importantly this service being accessible is crucial. This service is designed to make mentoring a simple process that allows female entrepreneurs to access the personalised help that they need for their specific business challenge.

The Hub is run by the Council for Investing in Female Entrepreneurs, a voluntary collective established to encourage and support women in business. We’re committed to breaking down the barriers that women face when starting, growing, or scaling a business.

What is Digital Boost?

You may see Digital Boost in some emails and in the URL. Digital Boost is the leading organisation providing 1:1 mentoring and personalised business support for small business and charities. The Invest in Women Hub has partnered with Digital Boost because of their expertise and brilliant ability to match mentors and mentees.

How do I become a mentor?

If you have a passion for helping female entrepreneurs start, grow, and scale their businesses then we would love to have you as a mentor! Simply choose topics that you can help with and sign up. Please note as this is a free service, all our mentors are volunteers and won’t be paid for mentoring.