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Edge is a leading creative-tech equity investor, focussed on powering visionary, Seed and Series A stage, digitally-enabled UK businesses, raising up to £5m to grow and scale.

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Finance provider
  • VC investment
  • London
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Edge Investments Ltd


You rarely find a VC that exists in both the creative world and the finance world, but that’s what Edge is. We open up access to finance for promising creative-tech companies. Despite the size of the creative economy, businesses within it have often struggled to attract investment. We’re here to change that. We provide the capital and an unrivalled network of creative and tech experts to help drive visionary companies forward at every stage. Edge invests in three areas of creativity: Media, Education and Entertainment, discovering the next sector-defining companies. We are focussed on powering pioneering, digitally-enabled businesses to success in the following key sub-sectors: Ed-Tech, Productivity tools, AI, VR/AR, Metaverse, e-Sports, Gaming, Wellness, Social Media and Deep Tech. As a huge employer of young people, the creative economy is a key driver of social mobility. It has the potential to propel brilliant ideas into the spotlight, wherever they come from, as well as to create significant, valuable new companies. The creative economy will deliver 1 million new jobs in the UK alone by 2030.

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