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Metro Bank Birmingham- IWD Breaking glass ceilings in leadership and business for women

Join Metro Bank for a networking afternoon in our Birmingham store in celebration of International Women's Day

Event description

For many years, women have been underrepresented in leadership positions and business. However, with the changing times and growing awareness, the glass ceiling holding women back from reaching their full potential is slowly shattering. Women are now taking on more leadership roles and starting their own businesses, breaking barriers and achieving success in fields previously dominated by men.

As more and more women take on leadership roles, they are bringing new perspectives and ideas to the table, leading to greater innovation and success in the business world. Despite the progress that has been made, there is still a long way to go to achieve true gender equality in leadership and business. However, with continued effort and support, women will continue to break through glass ceilings and achieve their full potential.

This event is to celebrate women from all different background and career levels. We want to champion women and help women elevate in business and leadership.

The afternoon will include

2 panels
welcome drinks and refreshments

We will be heading down to Albert Schloss afterwards where we will have a VIP area and welcome drink.


Headline Speaker: Charlene Wall – Wood Manor Properties, Women in Construction and Leadership / IWD photoshoot campaign Lead

Neelam Afzal – Partner at Wildings law firm

Dr Lizzy B – The impact of incorporating healthy wellbeing practices to improve successful career growth and inspire healthier Mindset using NLP techniques and healthier lifestyle choices.

Krisina Jaspal- Former Miss Birmingham & advocate female


Venue Host: Sat Singh – Metro Bank

Event Host: Belinda Kaur – BK Networks

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To find out more, please contact Sat Singh:

Event information

Date and time:
15 March 2024
1:00pm to 3:00pm
Metro Bank 85-88 High Street Birmingham B4 7TE
  • East Midlands
  • West Midlands