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Female Founder for Growth: Accessing and Successfully Securing Funding

This event is to give Female Founders focus and a true Roadmap to scale and secure investment

Event description

The Rose Review initiatives have seen tens of thousands of entrepreneurs across the UK benefiting from funding, advice and mentoring schemes, while thousands of students have received enterprise training, leading to significant year on year growth in female led startups. Research conducted for the Rose Review shows that the impact of Covid-19 risks holding back progress. It suggests that despite the rapid growth in female led start-ups, female entrepreneurs have spent twice as long on caring responsibilities during the pandemic as their male counterparts, and that their businesses have been less likely to recover. To date, one of the biggest barriers that female entrepreneurs face is funding and getting access to it..

Experts in this journey will bring you the resources to get ready for your exciting journey ahead.

Join us for an enlightening event with our investment panel, funders actively seeking to empower female-led enterprises & invest in them. Hear from them directly how to access these opportunities and gain insights into what these forward-thinking funders are really seeking from you.

Be inspired by real entrepreneurs who have treaded this path before you. Their stories, tips, and insights are valuable tools for a meaningful and positive discussion on how we can collectively support your journey.

NatWest, A City Law firm and its Female Founders Growth initiative have helped hundreds of companies and its purpose and the aim of this event is to ensure you reach your full potential and meet everyone you need on your intended to journey to achieve your goals.

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Event information

Date and time:
4 March 2024
9:00am to 12:00pm
250 Bishopsgate 250 Bishopsgate London EC2M 4AA
  • London