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Longwall Ventures

Longwall Ventures invests in early stage businesses that are harnessing the UK’s expertise in science R&D to address the global challenges of tomorrow.

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Services provided:
Finance provider
  • VC investment
  • UK-wide
Legal name:
Longwall Venture Partners LLP


At Longwall Ventures, we focus on health, resilience and sustainability. Our investments range from life science tools to new measurement or instrumentation techniques, from space to security. Our interests are diverse but are often in areas where we have existing knowledge and interest. We invest in companies that have the potential to disrupt an existing market or gain a material share of a new market, with a preference for B2B opportunities rather than consumer products. We have been investing in science and technology based companies in the UK, from three funds, since 2008. We take a Responsible Investment approach and are committed to strengthening diversity within our team and portfolio companies.

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