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HERmesa Angel Syndicate

Women-led angel syndicate investing in women co-founded startups at pre/seed stage. Sector Agnostic but we have a very strong preference for technology and/or IP-led businesses (deep science). We do not currently invest in any D2C or consumer products companies.

Key information

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Services provided:
Finance provider
  • Angel investment
  • UK-wide
Legal name:
HERmesa Ltd


HERmesa is an angel syndicate consisting predominantly of “Operators Turned Angels”. Our syndicate has over 120 active members, from 30 different countries. At least half of our investor base are entrepreneurs themselves. We bring deep sector expertise and insight into all of our investments and seek to provide additional value above and beyond capital invested.

Get in touch

If you would like to get in touch with a general query, please email: But, if you wish to share your pitch deck, please do so via our airtable link! Pitches tend to get lost in our inbox otherwise.