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Coralus (Formerly SheEO) is a global community of women and non-binary people creating a self-regenerating pay-it-forward pool of skills, connections, funds, and support used together to advance the UN's Sustainability Goals ("The World's To-do List")

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Finance provider
  • Business loans
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  • East of England
  • London
  • North East England
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  • Northern Ireland
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  • South East England
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  • Wales
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Coralus’ community-driven initiative funds, supports, and celebrates women and non-binary-led ventures focused on addressing critical priorities, including environment, health, education, and accessibility. Founded in Canada in 2015, Coralus has expanded to five countries, with over 7000 members (called Activators) contributing to a cumulative $16.5M regenerative loan fund that has supported more than 170 Ventures to date.

The unique high-impact economic and social model is powered by a global community of entrepreneurs, advisors, investors, influencers, customers, marketers, and experts, creating a dynamic ecosystem that fosters abundant connections, trust, and kindness. Coralus is pioneering a whole new way of organizing resources that builds inclusive economies and regenerates capital through no interest loans paid back over 5 years, making it an excellent partner for businesses that prioritize sustainability and social impact.”

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Learn more about joning the community as an Activator or applying to become a community-funded Coralus Venture to get access to support, coaching, and resources to grow your business.