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7percent Ventures

7percent is an entrepreneur-led, network-driven, transatlantic fund. It backs the most ambitious founders - those with moonshot ideas - as early as possible. We seek potential 200x winners and pass on the less risky, less ambitious opportunities.

Key information

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Services provided:
Finance provider
  • VC investment
  • UK-wide
Legal name:
7percent Ventures Limited


7percent was established to back the founders that will shape what the future looks like. Over the past 10 years, we have backed over 100 companies, all with the purpose of making the world a better place. The best ideas can come from anywhere, and by backing diverse, sustainable, and inclusive start-ups, 7percent is determined to support the technologies that dramatically improve the way we live, interact and consume.

We love investing super early; our sweet spot is first or second money-in. Unlike some other investors we don’t just say we invest at an early stage we actually do it – check our portfolio.

Early stage is a broad label. Specifically for us it includes pre-seed to pre-series-A rounds – from a pre-revenue concept stage, through to a sustained record of growth. Our initial ticket is £400,000, with a geographic bias towards the UK/Europe/US. Our sector choice is fluid in order to respond to market changes.

Get in touch

We encourage ambition founders of all backgrounds to submit their application via our webform (follow the link below). We aim to provide constructive feedback to all founders.